Full House
Down & Out Books, Tampa Bay
ISBN 978-1-937495-71-8


Cooked To Death
Nodin Press


Fifty Shades of Grey Fedora
Dagger Books


Silence of the Loons
Nodin Press, Minneapolis
ISBN 1-932472-36-3

Twin Cities

Twin Cities Noir
Akashic Books, New York
ISBN 1-888451-97-1


Resort To Murder
Nodin Press, Minneapolis
ISBN 1-932472-47-9


Deadly Treats
Nodin Press, Minneapolis
ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-935666-18-9


Once Upon A Crime
Nodin Press, Minneapolis
ISBN: 978-1-932472-85-1


Down, Out and Dead
Down & Out Books, Tampa Bay, FL
ISBN-10: 1937495817


Kwik Krimes
Thomas & Mercer
ISBN-13: 978-1612183008


Fifteen Tales of Murder,
Mayhem and Malice from
the Land of Minnesota Nice
Nodin Press, Minneapolis


Writes of Spring
Nodin Press, Minneapolis
ISBN: 978-1-935666-37-0

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*FULL HOUSE is published by Down & Out Books in Florida, the same good people who brought you THE DEVIL AND THE DIVA, the Minnesota Book Award nominee that I wrote with Renee Valois (the main squeeze) and FINDERS KEEPERS, my young adult crime novel. It contains many of the short stories that appear in the anthologies listed below, as well as a few that I wrote for publications such as Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and True Romance. Which isn't to suggest that you shouldn't buy the other antholgies. They do, after all, feature some amazing stories that weren't written by me. I'm just saying...

"A good short story is like a punch from a prize fighter—it comes at you fast, delivers an impact, and leaves you stunned. There’s no one in our business who does this better than David Housewright. In great story after great story, he proves himself a master of the art of short fiction. This is a collection that should be on every reader’s bookshelf.
--NY Times Bestselling Author William Kent Krueger

*COOKED TO DEATH is a concoction of 17 Minnesota crime writers dedicated to death — or near death — by food.

"David Housewright tells a dark tale of a gangster’s wolf who likes unusual snacks."
--St. Paul Pioneer Press

*FIFTY SHADES OF GREY FEDORA is a collection of 17 erotic detective stories published by the Private Eye Writers of America (of which I am a proud former president). And yes, it was published in conjunction with the release of a movie with a similar title. The stories are written by some of the best PI writers in the business - Sara Paretsky, Max Collins, Ruth Myers, Parnell Hall, Gary Phillips, Ben Abbott, John Lutz. My own contribution - "Emily's Tears" - took me way, way, way out of my comfort zone. I'm very curious about what people think of it

*SILENCE OF THE LOONS, an anthology of short stories written by 13 of Minnesota's finest mystery writers, is is the brainchild of my pals William Kent Krueger, Carl Brookins, Deborah Woodworth and Ellen Hart - aka The Minnesota Crime Wave. It also included stories by Judith Guest, Mary Logue, K. J. Erickson, Monica Ferris, M. D. Lake, Pat Dennis, Lori Lake, and Kerri Miller, with a forward by R. D. Zimmerman.

"One of the most delightful reads of the fall season. Housewright's 'A Domestic Matter,' about a guy who helps friends, has such a perfect O. Henry ending you want to reread it to figure out how he did it."
--St. Paul Pioneer Press

*TWIN CITIES NOIR is an anthology of short stories that reveals "the underside of Murderopolis/St. Paul from the inside out." It features new fiction from Steve Thayer, Judith Guest, Mary Logue, Bruce Rubenstein, K.J. Erickson, William Kent Krueger, Ellen Hart, Brad Zellar, Mary Sharratt, Pete Hautman, Larry Millett, Quinton Skinner, and myself.

"Minnesota Book Award winner, David Housewright's 'Mai-Nu's Window' opens the collection. A shy Puerto Rican teenage boy and a Hmong woman going to law school are Frogtown neighbors. The unexpected consequences of their encounter reveals the challenges of immigrant tradition and American assimulation, with subtle perfection, echoing classic themes from James M. Cain."
--Twin Cities Daily Planet

*RESORT TO MURDER is another anthology of short stories written by Minnesota authors brought to you by my pals at the Minnesota Crime Wave. This time with an introduction by Lorna Lanvik.

"An entertaining second volume of short stories from Minnesota writers... David Housewright's "Miss Behavin'" which follows a philandering physician down a spirial of bad luck and poor choices (is) particularly taut and suspenseful."
--Publishers Weekly

*DEADLY TREATS was conceived by thriller-writer Anne Frasier (aka Theresa Weir) to celebrate that most peculiar of American holidays - Halloween. It includes short stories featuring witches, zombies, vampires, food critics, crazy writers, dumb criminals, interfering ghosts, ex-cops, suburban housewives, swamp monsters, and aliens written by a collection of best-selling, award-winning authors as well as emerging talents.

"Deadly Treats was delightfully fun from cover to cover... Notable stories within include "The Replacement" by the editor herself... and, perhaps my favorite of the lot -- David Housewright's "Time of Death"
--Occult Detective

*ONCE UPON A CRIME is both a labor of love and a tribute to the best mystery book store in the nation - Once Upon A Crime in Minneapolis - and Pat Frovarp and Gary Shulze, the booksellers who own it. It features stories by some of the finest crime writers in the business including C.J. Box, Michael Stanley, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Gary Phillips, Anne Fraser, Pat Dennis, Pete Hautman, William Kent Krueger, Reed Farrel Coleman, Mary Logue, Lois Greiman, Max Allan Collins, Sujata Massey and S.J. Rozan with an introduction by the late Vince Flynn.

*Down, Out and Dead is an anthology of short stories writen by the fine crimes writers published by Down & Out Books, a publishing house based in Tampa Bay, Florida, including Trey Barker, Robert Randisi, Gary Phillips, Bill Moody, and Frank De Blase. My contribution - No Outlet - is a crime story written almost entirely in dialogue. It was released at The World Mystery Convention in 2014 in Long Beach.

*KWIK CRIMES is edited by the legendary Otto Penzler of Mysterious Press fame and features 90 tales of diabolical schemes of criminal masterminds, robberies and pranks gone horribly awry, closets crammed with skeletons, families bound not by love but wickedness and so on and so on. And each story is only 1,000 words - or less!

*FIFTEEN TALES OF MURDER, MAYHEM AND MALICE FROM THE LAND OF MINNESOTA NICE is yet another anthology published by my friends in the Minnesota Crime Wave.

*WRITES OF SPRING is sponsored by the famed Once Upon A Crime Mystery Bookstore in Minneapolis. It features 33 - count 'em - 33 stories written by authors who have visited the store including the great Harold Adams.

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